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Treat your team to rejuvenating nail care services right in the workplace. Our expert nail technicians create a luxurious spa ambiance, transforming any space into a private pampering oasis. Whether you're looking for a one-time treat or recurring wellness program, Shortcut's mission is to help your team feel refreshed and polished with our corporate nail care services.

Classic Manicure  Relax with cuticle maintenance, nail shaping and a hand massage. Finish with your choice of over 20 polishes.

Gel Manicure  Enjoy cuticle maintenance, nail shaping and a hand massage. Finish with gel polish that lasts up to 2 weeks.

Nail Cleanup  Includes clipping, nail shaping and cuticle removal. Finishes with hydrating and hand lotion and light buffing.

Dry Pedicure  Cleansing spray, followed by a relaxing hot towel wrap. Includes nail shaping, buffing and delicate cuticle care.


Our exceptional Nail Pros, chosen for their expertise and warm demeanor, ensure each employee feels valued and cared for during their rejuvenating corporate nail care experience.

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Gel Manicure - Monday

Our proprietary technology platform streamlines the entire corporate nail care booking process, from selecting services to scheduling appointments. We transform any space into a nail spa oasis with professional equipment, soothing lighting, and privacy screens. Your team will feel transported during their office nail care session.


Getting started with
corporate nail care.

Ready to treat your staff to the benefits of corporate nail care? Book a consultation to see how Shortcut can customize the perfect office nail care program for your team.

  • 1AlignSchedule a consultation with our wellness experts to discuss your company's needs and vision for an office nail care program.
  • 2CustomizeWe'll craft a tailored corporate nail care package from our service menu and select the ideal date for your on-site event.
  • 3RelaxWith planning complete, relax while we bring your office nail care experience to life. We provide a booking portal and promotional materials to build excitement. Our team manages every detail for a seamless, stress-free event.


  • What are the benefits of corporate nail care programs?

    Corporate nail care programs boost employee morale, enhance professional appearance, and save time by offering convenient, on-site grooming. These services promote overall corporate wellness and provide a relaxing break during the workday.

  • What types of nail services do you offer for office events?

    We offer a variety of nail services including basic manicures, gel manicures, and clean ups. These services cater to different preferences and ensure employees look and feel their best.

  • What do I need to provide on-site for the nail technicians?

    We typically require an individual table where the nail Pro and client can sit across from each other at a comfortable distance. Additionally, provide access to electricity for nail lamps and other equipment.

  • How do you ensure sanitation during nail appointments?

    We use single-use buffers and files, and sanitize nail tools in disinfectant liquid between each appointment. This ensures a clean and safe environment for all participants.

  • How much space is needed to set up the office nail care area?

    A small area with enough space for a table and two chairs is sufficient. The space should be quiet and well-lit to ensure the best service.

  • How do I prepare for a gel manicure?

    We ask that your staff remove their gel polish before attending the event to ensure timely and efficient service during the office nail care session.

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