Demand For At-Home Haircuts Has Gone Up 600% Since Lockdown

With many Americans still feeling anxious about visiting a hair salon during the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for at-home services has never been higher.

Thanks to COVID, Barbers Have Gone Mobile—and They May Stay That Way

When stay-at-home orders first hit American cities in March, barbers and salon workers panicked. Unlike many other professionals, they were not considered “essential workers,” and the very nature of their work—at close quarters indoors for prolonged periods—made it unclear when it would ever be safe to work again.

Not Ready to Hit the Barbershop Yet? Guys Are Trying Professional In-Home Haircuts.

In the midst of a global pandemic, getting a haircut has become a much bigger decision than just finding time on your calendar. “Prior to COVID-19, you might have thought of an in-home haircut as a luxury, but in the future, it may become the new normal,” says barber and Shortcut Head of Education, Pedro Rosario.

Shortcut App Lets Shaggy Users Book a Better Barber, Says Co-Founder

Inspired by Uber’s business model, on-demand barber startup Shortcut is challenging the traditional retail model of getting a haircut. “What’s baffling about other gig economy companies is there’s no relationship built into the product,” Newton told Cheddar.

This barber app delivered 10,000 haircuts in 2019 [Varney & Co]

Shortcut founder Will Newton discusses his app allowing customers to order a barber to their houses and his company’s business model.

New Uber-like Service for Haircuts

Shortcut is like ordering an Uber but for your hair. Through the app, a hairstylist conveniently reaches you! Now live in Philadelphia.

10 Best Places to Get a Haircut in NYC

There’s no reason to settle for a haircut at the local big box chain of boring hairsplitting franchises when you’re in New York City.

Quincy Brown And Shortcut Partner To Grow On-Demand Mobile Barber Service

“We respect the culture and tradition of barbershops,” Newton stated. “We understand what they mean to people and their communities, so we don’t want to eliminate the industry — we want to make it easier for barbers to do what they love and earn what they want doing it.”

Haircut House Calls: Shortcut Is Mobilizing The Traditional Barbershop

Shortcut, a promising new app that will send a barber to your home or office at the push of a button. The goal is to provide custom styling and haircuts, without any mess, anywhere you need one.

Grooming Tips For Single Men

Need to look good on a Monday night when most barbershops are closed? Pull a power move and schedule an appointment with one of Shortcut’s heavily vetted, highly skilled barbers and edge out the competition. It just seems logical that you should be able to discuss what kind of haircut will look best on you with your personal barber in the privacy of your own home.

Shortcut Is The On-Demand Barber Service You Never Knew You Wanted

Rather than try and score a last-minute appointment with your barber across town or buy a shitty razor at CVS, why not have a professional come to you? That’s the idea behind Shortcut, an app that delivers an on-demand barber to your apartment, office, or hotel whenever you need one.

Shortcut x Uncrate

In a jam and don’t have time to go get your hair cut? Have the barber come to you with Shortcut. This handy app connects you directly to a stylist who can come to your home, office, or hotel room on-demand to dish out fresh cuts and beard trims for you

Say It With an App: The Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Boyfriend Is One Tap Away

Essentially the Uber for men’s haircuts, Shortcut is an on-demand grooming service for men—bringing a professional barber to your guy’s home, office, or hotel room in minutes. The perfect gift to pamper the busy man in your life, Shortcut is available anywhere in Manhattan and Brooklyn from 8:00 a.m. until midnight, seven days a week.

Father’s Day Gifts For Different Types of Dads

Shortcut will bring the barber shop to dad wherever he is, whether at work, at home or on the ball field with the kids. Just download the app, book a haircut and a barber will come to you 8am – midnight every day.