Revitalize your workplace.

Say goodbye to outdated office perks and hello to a new era of employee wellness with Shortcut.

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Redefining employee wellness.

Our corporate massage services bring the spa experience to your office, offering targeted relief and relaxation through both chair and table massage. From energizing sports massages to soothing compression treatments, we provide a rejuvenating escape to boost employee well-being.


Employee happiness delivered!

Our experience transforms ordinary offices into spaces of relaxation and rejuvenation.



Our events blend smoothly with the office workflow and individual schedules, ensuring a delightful experience without disrupting the day.



Breathe new life into the workplace, creating an environment where employees are eager to be productive and engaged once again.


Cost Effective

Streamline your path to a healthier office dynamic with our affordable solutions that maximize the impact of your investment.



Leave all the details to us - we'll handle setup and management so you can offer these premium services with ease.


We'll transform an ordinary conference room into a tranquil oasis, bringing a unique and rejuvenating touch to the office experience.


Technology employees and managers love.

We curate a sign-up experience unique to your company, where attendees can choose their Pro, service, and appointment time. As a manager, you can track sign-ups and make adjustments on the fly.


You provide the space
and we do the rest.

From our initial contact with you to the final touch ups with your staff, we ensure every aspect of our experience exudes top-tier hospitality and service.

  • 1AlignSchedule a consultation call with our wellness experts. We'll discuss your company's needs and visions for boosting employee well-being.
  • 2CustomizeFrom our comprehensive offerings, we'll craft a tailored wellness solution and select the ideal date for your corporate wellness event on-site.
  • 3RelaxWith planning complete, relax while we bring the Shortcut experience to life. We provide a booking portal for your team along with promotional materials to build anticipation. Our team manages every detail to ensure a seamless, stress-free event day.


  • How can Shortcut help improve employee wellness at our company?

    Shortcut revitalizes your workplace by providing premium on-site services like massages, mindfulness sessions, and grooming services, helping employees destress, recharge, and feel valued.

  • Does Shortcut offer services for remote and hybrid employees?

    Yes, our Mindfulness program can be offered both virtually and in-person, ensuring that remote and hybrid employees can benefit from stress management and performance enhancement.

  • What sets Shortcut’s experience apart?

    We pride ourselves on being our partners’ favorite vendor by taking all the heavy lifting out of providing valuable perks for your staff, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone.

  • What types of wellness services does Shortcut offer?

    Shortcut offers a range of services, including corporate massages, manicures, haircuts, mindfulness workshops, and professional headshots, all designed to enhance employee well-being and productivity.

  • How can we track participation and manage the wellness events?

    Our technology allows employees to choose their services and appointment times through a curated sign-up experience, while managers can track sign-ups and make adjustments easily.


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